Off-topic: US Marine cleared in 2004 shooting of unarmed Iraqi in Fallujah mosque

Thursday, May 05, 2005

US Marine cleared in 2004 shooting of unarmed Iraqi in Fallujah mosque

WASHINGTON, May 5 (AFP) - A US Marine who was videotaped shooting an unarmed Iraqi lying still inside a mosque during an attack on Fallujah last year was cleared of any wrongdoing after investitators determined that he acted in self-defense, NBC News reported late Wednesday.

Lieutenant General John Seattler ruled that the Marine corporal, whose identity was not provided, would not face court martial because he fired his weapon in self-defense, sources told NBC.

US forces taking part in the fierce street-to-street battle to quash insurgents in Fallujah in early November 2004 had been warned that the enemy would fake death and booby-trap bodies to lure Marines to their deaths, the sources told NBC.

The shooting incident made its way around the world as the corporal and a few other Marines were being followed by a video cameraman. The soldier warned that a man lying on the ground had moved and, after shouting an expletive, fired a round into the man's head.

The sources told NBC that the Marine corporal also shot three other unarmed insurgents inside the mosque, adding that he feared for his life when he blasted away.

They also said the probe into the mosque incident was not over, since at least one other US Marine was being investigated for shooting a fourth unarmed insurgent inside the same building.

At the time, the US military said the mosque in Fallujah was being used by insurgents as a safe haven and that they discovered a large cache of weapons when they went inside.

Good. These reporters need to remember this is war, not the evening news.


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